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"Eight Ways to Happy" is an extremely practical class that cuts through the psycho-babble and gets to the meat of what it takes to thrive. In this bundle, you'll receive A powerful system to harness feelings of health and happiness. Purchase Eight Ways to Happy - A robust self-study detailing the Eight Self Love Tools. These are the tools that research shows create foundational, lasting physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness. Receive 9 printable mini-workbooks for each core session plus follow-along video lessons. Move at your own pace with this round-up of goal-based targeted action steps for overall health and happiness, no matter what life throws your way. Plus, you'll receive these additional resources: 200 Grab-n-Write Affirmations - While dreaming up your Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG), write your life plan, create one-year goals, and start a Vision Journal as you visualize your Best Future Self (BFS).  365 Journal Prompts - While processing through all of the Easy Eight Self Love Tools. A journal prompt for each day of the year tailored around the specific goals you're working through to keep you on track mentally and emotionally.  The Ultimate Meditation Starter Guide - To help you get started, or deepen, your meditation practice. Besides getting all the research you need in the Eight Ways to Happy course, now you'll have the guide to help you start your own meditation practice. 50 Naturtivities - Engaging in nature is an important part of the Eight Ways to Happy Self Love Tools. Use this guide to give you some quick ideas to move your body while feeling connected to mother nature. 100 Date Night Questions - Not just questions, and not just any kind of date night. These questions are meant to help you go deep with your partner to help you rekindle and reconnect. Use them as a springboard to ask more questions, more details, and become more attuned to the inner workings of your partner's world.

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