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You're going to be writing affirmations in your 5-minute journal entry. You might enjoy the 200 Grab-n-Write Affirmations to go along with "I Am Magic!"

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I Am Magic: Start and Keep a Vision Journal

Go from feeling stuck and directionless to an intentional, focused human with clarity. 

What you'll get:

  • Reverse-engineer your life from the end of life to today. Set goals for this year with your most significant life dreams in mind. 

  • Create a Life Narrative and Life Summary as you learn how to set goals for this year that impact your end-of-life vision. 

  • Discover the two types of visualization and affirmations and why you need both.

  • Learn about mental rehearsal's power as you manifest your wild, audacious dreams.

  • Learn the three musts for your journal. 

  • Learn to write a 5-minute journal entry, keeping your life goals top-of-mind. 

WARNING: This e-book will create a life-altering experience when followed exactly. Enter with excitement and caution!