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Add on I Am Magic: Start and Keep a Vision Journal to Manifest Wild, Audacious Dreams! 

What's a Vision Journal? 

It's a book you use to plan your life narrative as you see it in your mind's eye. Take your brain and body on a trip through time (past, present, and future), then dream about where you see your life in big, magnificent ways. Your Vision Journal is also your Dream Journal.

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Self Love Tools: An Introduction

You are busy, barely fitting yourself in, if at all. You were taught that self-care was selfish, so you put yourself last. Yet, you're the leader of all the things. And you're so busy thinking about other things that knowing where to start with your self-care needs is challenging.

  • Your habit of doing for others and not doing for yourself keeps you disconnected from your:

  • Inner self (you have very little inner peace, and your mental health is suffering)

  • Friends (it's been way too long since you've had some time to connect and laugh)

  • Brain (you don't eat well, and you need more sleep)

  • Body (you worry and stress about all the things)

No one should feel like they're a low priority and in last place.

You're in a painful, lonely place. I get it. I've been there.

Download the Self Love Tools: An Introduction of Basic Resources to Achieve Optimal Mental and Emotional Wellness. This guide has critical ways to have a long, healthy, happy life.

This e-Workbook includes the following:

  • 38-page downloadable workbook

  • Reflection exercise at the end of each SLT section

  • Self-Love Planning Guide

  • Weekly Self-Love Tracker

It's okay to create time for yourself. Feel emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy again, even while leading others inside and outside the home.

No one should go through life feeling depressed, anxious, or lonely!