Want to know why you feel perpetually overwhelmed, ungrounded, and stressed?

...because you don't have a solid foundation from which you navigate the ins and outs of life.

There are a million and one "self care" things you can do to change your moment-by-moment mood or to simply raise your spirits. But, lasting solitude and peace come from within.

The reason others seem to have it all together is because their daily rituals and habits. They take care of themselves at a soulful level with actions that are always guiding them toward that feeling of "I totally rock this!"

They've done the one thing others haven't: built a solid mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual life foundation. They aren't grasping at this thing and that thing trying to band aid the current moment. They are awesome, because they aren't building a Life House on shaky ground.

As a Psychotherapist and human development student and teacher for over 26 years, I can confidently say there are just 3 key ingredients we need to feel grounded, confident, accomplished, and overall...happy. They are crucial. But, you have to know what they are, then do the work to stay resilient, strong, accomplished, and successful. 

I need to have these!

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Three Key Ingredients for Happiness, Health, & Connection.