Your happiness is the most important (and powerful) thing in your whole life.


Do you often feel like you're in a rut? Struggle with depression and anxiety?


There are two possible reasons for this to be happening:

1. Routines are non-existent. You haven't learned your "happiness formula." That is, the things that make your soul happy, no matter what life throws your way.


2. You don't have rockstar health habits. The most successful people have routines and habits that keep them at the top of their game. 

Humans are like plants. There are a few basic things we need to thrive.
If you're feeling off, you haven't figured out your formula.

Let me guess, you're a...


Busy go-getter with no shortage of ambition. But, life does feel a bit "hamster wheelish" at times, and it's hard to keep the focus on numero uno (that's you!).

Active person who spends hours doing for other people but you're left wondering "what about me?"

Weary parent who is tired and exhausted from being their everything, leaving no time for yourself. When you do have time, it feels like you can't get "caught up."

Swamped professional who feels stretched thin, overworked, and uninspired by a lackluster job where you no longer feel challenged or motivated.

Depleted person who lacks the motivation to get the new habits to stick. 

You're smart, so you know what keeps people healthy (food, exercise, yada yada), but you aren't sure how to make habits stick. 

Let's end the angst...and whip you up some tools and inspiration so you can feel happy, healthy, and accomplished.

It's go time! 


"Eight Ways to Happy" is an extremely practical class that cuts through the psycho-babble, gets to the meat of what it takes to be happy. 

Here's the information my clients have used to maintain a positive mindset and amplified happiness. 

Dr. Jennifer Slingerland Ryan's


"Eight Ways to Happy"

A robust self-study course with 9 printable mini-workbooks for each core section plus
follow-along video lessons.


Your "Eight Ways to Happy" curriculum:


Move at your own pace with this roundup of goal-based, targeted action steps. Improve overall happiness with easy-to-implement strategies.

And, at the end of your course, examples of calendars and trackers to help you configure your days and weeks using your new tools.

(Remember, this course is about finding what works for you, and doing that.)


  • Learn about the "Inner Self" (What the heck does this even mean?)
    This is where all true happiness comes from -- your innards. (Yeah, I said innards.) Saddle up and get friendly with your inner self. ("I love you, Self.")
  • Learn the 8 Intentional, Goal-Focused Activities that increase your "Happiness Setpoint"
    "Happiness set what?" These are the tools that keep on giving. Feel motivated and inspired, then come back to these over and over (it's what happy people do!)
  • Create a Life Vision
    Perhaps one of the most important tools of this entire class, you’ll create a life vision and a life theme. This will springboard you into action, so you set goals you can manage along your Happy Path. Plus, you're going to create a BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal) that you'll use as a starting point for life planning.
  • Start and keep a daily Vision Journal as you write about your "Best Future Self" (BFS)
    You heard me -- Best. Future. Self. *Boom* Write your goals, affirmations, and expressions of gratitude that are tied to your greater Life Vision. 
  • Prioritize your new happy strategies using printable calendars and planning guides
    Discover how easy it is to say no to tasks that do not fit into your life theme, and say yes to the life-giving, meaningful activities that serve to make your innards happy. (Happy in your liver, is what I like to say.)


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I am grateful for your presence in my life as you helped me through a difficult year of transition for me.  I feel very blessed that you were part of my life.  While the beginning of the year started with much pain, I am quite happy to say the end of the year is much better.”

Thank you for your part in a pivotal period of progress in my life, which has radiated out through my family and beyond. I want to thank you for being there, really listening, and helping me feel comfortable seeking help...I cannot be more grateful for those who helped me reach a whole new, empowered, and balanced life. I have never felt better, more grounded, and able to be there for myself and my family.

I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for all you did to help me...I owe you my gratitude for everything you did even down to just the listening aspects and focusing me when I was so scattered...I could never really repay you and I always felt that it was much more than a job with you and I thank you for the support, compassion, and love for my life.”

In this online course, you will...

Throw yourself into the middle of your self-worth, self-concept, and self-identity. Learn how the self plays a major role in your happiness.

Immerse yourself in the practical exercises to track how much sleep your body needs to thrive.

Have deeper spiritual connections with nature, and increase your understanding of the benefits of body movement. 

Put everything you’ve learned about self-love, visualizing, and community into a workable program that fits your busy life.

Slow down, take stock, answer internal questions while developing internal calm.

Learn the power of listening to motivational media (books, podcasts, conferences) on overall emotional intelligence.

Develop deeper empathy and the importance of perspective-taking.

Learn about the food and happiness connection through intuitive eating and learning about the gut.

Create your big life vision. Learn how creating a vision for your life is way different than processing your past.

You'll Get...


  • 9 Printable Mini-Workbooks

    ...that walk you through each of the 8 goal-oriented Self Love tools. There are hundreds of surface-based actions you could do moment-by-moment to lift your spirits in the moment. But, "the basic 8" are the most essential mental and wellness tools. Like the foundation of a house, you'll learn to build a solid foundation first. Then, prioritize only those good-health, whole-body habits that fit your fulfilled life plan.

  • 20 Video Lessons

     ...to use alongside your downloads, while learning about each of the essential Self Love Tools. Not only will I support you with written tips, strategies, and exercises, but I will also provide video guidance with each lesson to motivate and inspire you along the way.

  • Practical Exercises

    ...to help develop a new "happiness setpoint." Create a BHAG, answer three major life planning questions, create a Life Vision, start a Vision Journal, getting better sleep, learn to meditate, understand the power of food, listen to motivational media, move your body in nature, and so much more! Everything you need to turn an overwhelming, scattered, and chaotic life into a focused, organized and energized life experience you can feel good about.

  • Activity Satisfaction and Capability Scale

    ...that gives you ideas for how to structure your day in 20-minute chunks of time. The best formula for your happiness is the formula you'll be able to stick to. Use the Activity Satisfaction and Capability Scale to know not only what you like to do, but also what you're most likely to stick with. The Eight Ways to Happy Curriculum uses the most basic self-love tools, and helps you apply them to your life.


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