Remember the early days when everything was new, fresh, and exciting? You were getting to know your partner, and you'd soak up every little morsel of goodness.

You'd laugh. You'd cry. You were vulnerable.

You felt seen.

Yeah, those days are over, right?

Well, they don't have to be!

Hear me out... I understand that it's hard to even think about going on a date, let alone asking these questions.

Here's why this works...

Research shows that we can fall in love with anyone. This exercise isn't just about asking questions. It's about being present and getting attuned to your partner.

Spending just 20 minutes per day tuning in, really hearing your partner will develop trust, safety, and mutual vulnerability.

However, these 20 minutes have to be super intentional. 

This is the power of the 100 Date Night Questions. 

This packet isn't just date night. Giving you questions without direction would be irresponsible. With the 100 questions, I give you a specific structure you should follow while engaging your partner with the questions. In fact, you could engage with just one question per day. (I once spent 1.5 hours with a client going down lots of rabbit holes with just one question. But, that rabbit hole was lined with attunement, emotional connection, and understanding by his partner. So needed.

With 100 Date Night Questions (which, by the way, can be as simple as sitting on your back porch once the kids go to bed), you get 100 questions plus some rules you have to stick to while you take turns asking.

One of my most-suggested homework tasks for couples
trying to rekindle that spark is in this packet! 

These aren't just questions...this is the way to become more present with your partner. 

Look, life got in the way.

You got busy.

Life got Way.

It was hard to make each other a priority. You're all touched out. 


Download 100 Date Night Questions for $39.00!

“Friendship fuels the flames of romance because it offers the best protection against feeling adversarial toward your spouse.” – John Gottman




Download 100 Date Night Questions

Who are these questions for?

You, if you're in a relationship where you...

  • ...don't make 1:1 for each other near enough.
  • ...aren't sure what you'd talk about even if you made time together. 
  • ...have lost that lovin' feeling...
  • Now it's just gone, gone, gone.
  • Whoaa, whoaaa, whoa.

It's time to rekindle your deep friendship.
It's time to reconnect.

With the 100 Date Night Questions you will:

💛 Create an intentional, attuned focus on your relationship in just 20-minutes per day.

💛 Increase your vulnerability while ditching the distractions (yep, no cell phones, televisions, or kids nearby for this exercise!)

💛 Get quality time with another so you feel seen, heard, and felt by your partner once again.

Ask 100 Date Night Questions, but don't forget the rules of play. Very important!

Then, connect and let the sparks fly!

Download 100 Date Night Questions