#013 - How and Where to Find Good, Inner Core Friends

Want to know what it's like to join a bike club and where you're the only one who has a beach cruiser complete with a basket and a bell? (I don't know, I never got that far. Find out why...)

Close inner core friendships are the shiznit of life. When you have a few good compadres, the world just seems to click.  But how do we meet these people?

On today's podcast, I'm answering the question: Where and How can I meet good A-friends?! 

Children easily make friends on the playground or at school. At school dances groups of friends take over the dance floor -- but what about adults? With our busy schedules, jobs, and kids and that to-do list that never ends, where do we find inner-core friends we can feel close with?

I've got answers!

Friendships can be made at aaaaany age. It’s all about figuring out where to meet new people who share your interests.

Remember, it isn’t about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life, said...

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#012 - Should My Spouse Be One of My Core Friends?

Who do you feel safe with?
Who helps you feel like you matter?
Is this your partner? If not, let's talk...
Your inner core consists of the people who you chose to be in your life who know the real you, who you confide in, and who you share a connection with.
More than 60% of lonely people are married. Surprising isn’t it?!
When married couples no longer share their deepest feelings, thoughts, and desires one or both people feel disconnected and lonely, even in the same room with the person they are married to.
Feeling this way causes the flame to fizzle out. Your relationship starts to feel meaningless. When relationships get to this point, it can feel like emotional disconnection
When you think about your inner core, do you include your spouse in that group of people?
Here is why you should:
  • When you feel safe and secure with his or her significant other, it's like wearing a...
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#011 - The A,B,Cs of Friendships

Have you ever been with a group of friends you enjoy being with, but you still felt lonely and disconnected?
I've been there too! You're at a social gathering and you just feel withdrawn -- almost like you're faking happy.
Over 40% of us will feel aches of loneliness and isolation at one point in our lives or another. Unfortunately, despite how common these feelings are, not many people are really 100% aware of how they impact our lives AND the lives around us.
Not only does loneliness, isolation, and feeling disconnected bring us down, but it can alter your mood and affect the way you treat the people you love the most.
On today's episode, we're talking about the 3 types of friends. They're all important, and they all should bring joy to your life:
  • You're feeling happy
  • You're feeling sad
  • You have something to celebrate
  • You need support
  • You're feeling stuck
Listen to today's episode to get the scoop!

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#010 - Inner Core Friends: Why They're the Shiznet of Life

Major Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders. Over 17.3 million people are diagnosed each year.

What you may not know is that depression is also often confused with loneliness. And, loneliness is often confused with depression.

Have you felt lonely or depressed? Did you know how to decipher the two?

We’ve all felt lonely in our lives, but chronic loneliness can lead to some serious mental health issues. 

Loneliness can feel isolating. 

However, loneliness comes to a halt when we build social connections.

There are three main reasons people need people. Besides the increase of mental health and wellness, loading up on love from your inner core helps you:

  1. Feel like you belong
  2. Feel supported, and
  3. Feel a sense of purpose.

I talk about all three of these on this week’s Jen and Friend’s Lovecast.

Once you’ve listened, hop on over to join the conversation in the Facebook Community. 

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#004 - How do I get through the holidays when I can’t see all my family?

Are you feeling disconnected and alone this holiday season? That totally makes sense!
2020 has been the year of unpredictability, masks, and social distancing. Rather than dwelling on who we can’t be with this holiday season, let’s talk about all the ways we can still be connected to those we love.
To start, I’d like to talk about what a gathering is because it is actually different than being gathered. A gathering is when a group of people just get together in the same space. FEELING gathered is feeling at peace in your current physical and emotional space. The holidays are a time where, normally,  we both gather and feel gathered. This is a time when we are with the ones we hold dear to our hearts who also make us feel warm and cozy when they give us the best hugs.  If there is one thing we can ALL agree on -- 2020 has been far from what many of us consider normal.
How are we supposed to feel that joy of the holidays...
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