#017- Intuitive Eating and Happiness: What's the Connection

Our bodies are SO good about telling us what it wants, but sometimes we aren't that great at listening. Alllllll month long we have been talking about really focusing on what our bodies are telling us and intuitive eating.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret: I actually don't like the term intuitive eating. My take is to be intentional, not intuitive because some people can’t trust their intuition. Listen to this week’s podcast to know why I don’t love all the steps, and how I put my own spin on these steps.

I want you to be more intentional and mindful about what you put into your body. The type of food we eat impacts our overall health -- both mentally AND physically. 

Did you know food was so powerful?


The goal here is nourishment for your body.  Here are 10 steps to get started:

  • Reject the diet mentality. Stop dieting.
  • Recognize your hunger.
  • Eat when your body tells you that you're hungry and stop eating when you are full.
  • Make peace with food.
  • Challenge the 'food...
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#016 - Gut Health + Happiness: What's the Connection?

Gut what!?
Have you ever felt sluggish, without energy, or even have a stomach ache and you are not sure why? There is a reeeeally good chance your gut is trying to tell you something.
Your “gut” is everything in your digestive system, from your esophagus to your colon and intestines. The gut has been called by some researchers a “second brain." Your gut informs your body how it needs to feel. 
Not only does your gut send you signals when it doesn't like the food you're consuming, but there is also a connection between your gut and your mood and health overall (yes, I'm totally serious!). 
An unhappy gut is linked to:
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress 
  • Chronic pain 
  • Brain dysfunction
  • Immune system dysregulation 
  • ...and even hormonal imbalances
It may be time to pay attention to what your gut is telling you! If you're feeling less than great, the food you are consuming may be a factor in...
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#015 - Healthy, Happy Meals for Busy People


One problem that I have ran into hundreds of times is wanting to make a meal that is good for my body, but feeling like there is NO time in the day. I know I'm not alone in feeling this, in fact, I've helped countless clients get back into fixing meals (while maintaining a busy, busy schedule) with THREE ingredients or less!

Food is the power tool in your self love tool box that can go from making you feel blah and unenergized, to feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day!

We're busy people. Between work, to do lists, kids, and allllll of the other responsibilities that keep us on the go, who has time to stop and actually make a meal that is comforting AND enriches our body with all the good things?

Not only is it possible, but enriching your body with nutritious food is a nonnegotiable in self care! There are 8 Self Love Tools, and today we’re talking about the 8th one - Enrich Your Body with Food. Today I’m answering “How do I eat...

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#014 - Food + Mood: What's the Connection?

Hey friend!
Let’s all say “Hellllooooo March!” 
I am SO excited for a new month with a new topic and all the new possibilities!
This month we’re talking FOOD! (I am definitely a foodie!) -- but, on a more serious note, do you know how food affects your body as a whole? I am talking mentally, emotionally, AND physically!
Food is powerful and the more we understand how food affects our body, the more we can use it to live happier AND healthier!
I want to be VERY, VERY clear -- we are NOT talking about dieting. So no worries -- no diet plan, nooo scale, and no feeling like YOU are your size. My friend, you are way more than a number!
So, I just said that food is powerful --  DID YOU KNOW...According to the World Health Organization, a poor diet is a major factor contributing to depression, which is the top driver of disability in American?
Enriching your body with nourishing foods is a...
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