#010 - Inner Core Friends: Why They're the Shiznet of Life

Major Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders. Over 17.3 million people are diagnosed each year.

What you may not know is that depression is also often confused with loneliness. And, loneliness is often confused with depression.

Have you felt lonely or depressed? Did you know how to decipher the two?

We’ve all felt lonely in our lives, but chronic loneliness can lead to some serious mental health issues. 

Loneliness can feel isolating. 

However, loneliness comes to a halt when we build social connections.

There are three main reasons people need people. Besides the increase of mental health and wellness, loading up on love from your inner core helps you:

  1. Feel like you belong
  2. Feel supported, and
  3. Feel a sense of purpose.

I talk about all three of these on this week’s Jen and Friend’s Lovecast.

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#009 - How to Create Affirmations that Work

Have you told yourself how great you are today (AND meant it!) ? There is no better time than right this second to remind yourself how amazing of a human you are!

We're talking ALL about affirmations this week and how they give us the mental boost we need to push through barriers and believe in ourselves!

The term affirmation occasionally confuses people, so to start, let me tell you exactly what an affirmation is. An affirmation is a declaration or a confirmation about a current truth. For an affirmation to work, it needs to be 100% true about you, your current moment, your environment, or your state of being.

With that being said, let's talk about why affirmations are SO important in the life-changing, goal-creating process! The research is there: using affirmations to try and change what you think by proclaiming a non-truth can actually decrease self-esteem AND make matters worse. It is SO, SO important to only speak the truth when you are writing your...

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#008 - How to Keep a Vision Journal

We are over half way through the first month of the new year! Can you believe it?! 

Time is flying and not waiting around for us to decide what our next step is going to be. Have you mapped out what your goals for this year are going to be? It is so easy to get stuck in the day to day grind, but if you ever want that grind to change, you're going to have to plan, visualize, and get after those goals! 

Visualization is SUCH an important part of not only creating goals, but also accomplishing them. You need to be able to *see* where you are, where you want to be, and how you're going to get there. One of my favorite ways to start visualizing is creating a Vision Journal. 

Vision journaling is a way to manifest, build, produce, and craft future events, goals, and outcomes -- crafting the world you want by putting it down on paper. DO NOT get a vision journal confused with a process journal. While a process journal is a great tool, it is totally different than a vision...

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#007 - Reverse Engineer Your Life: Setting Goals for a Lifetime

We survived the first week of 2021! We are officially into the new year and I hope you’re feeling motivated and ambitious! Are you visualizing what this year is going to look like for you? I hope so! You need to "see" to believe, my friend! 

Last week I talked to you about that scary BIG, HAIRY, AUDACIOUS GOAL (BHAG for short)...which I really hope you’ve started thinking about! Is it intimidating? Heck yeah!...but anything really worth going after is always going to be a liiiitle scary. 

This week, I am going to answer the question, “How do I create a vision for my WHOLE life?” I know, I know.. That is A LOT to think about. Don’t worry, today I am going to break it down into bite size pieces! 

Visualizing is nothing more than mentally rehearsing what is going to happen in the future. I want you to visualize what your future life looks like. Is that before, or after, you BHAG? When you visualize, you will think up a specific outcome or...

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#006 - Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals

2020 did a number on all of us. How the heck are we going to make 2021 an exciting, worthwhile year? What changes do we need to make? What rituals do we need to institute? WHERE DO I START?!  It’s all about getting pumped up and setting our BIG goals for the year (I mean REALLY big goals!) 

This week I’m talking ALL about BIG, hairy, audacious goals (BHAG for short) and how to get the ball rolling! 

First off, what is a BHAG? I’m so glad you asked!

A BHAG is a LONG term goal that pushes you to achieve something AMAZING, MIND-BLOWING, OUT OF THIS WORD SPECTACULAR!

This goal may seem out of reach when thinking about it, which is EXACTLY why this goal is the one to go for in 2021! A BHAG pushes you to be creative and use your imagination, but also is there to give you that “can do” attitude! While it may feel like there is NO WAY you could possibly achieve this thing -- you totally can! 

Does this intimidate you? That’s good! A...

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#005 - An Appointment With Numero Uno

These days I'm hearing many of my clients and even friends talk about how frazzled, stressed, and anxious they are. There's indeed a heaviness with all of us right now, but it's also more than that. On today's lovecast, I'm answering the question, “How do I refocus and renew for 2021?"

As hard as it is, we have to refocus for 2021, and I believe we can make this an amazing year despite how bad 2020 has been. I’m giving you 5 strategies for making yourself a priority on today’s podcast.

5 Strategies to Pencil Yourself In:

  1. Use a visual calendar.
  2. Add in sleep (a big chunk of time)
  3. Add in time you give to others.
  4. Eyeball your calendar to see what you’re giving away to others when you could be giving to yourself
  5. Schedule in your biggest self-love priorities in open spaces
    • Prioritizing your self-care means you value yourself.
    • Say no to others (while saying yes to yourself)
    • An appointment with yourself is still an appointment
    • Don't forget to schedule in...
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#004 - How do I get through the holidays when I can’t see all my family?

Are you feeling disconnected and alone this holiday season? That totally makes sense!
2020 has been the year of unpredictability, masks, and social distancing. Rather than dwelling on who we can’t be with this holiday season, let’s talk about all the ways we can still be connected to those we love.
To start, I’d like to talk about what a gathering is because it is actually different than being gathered. A gathering is when a group of people just get together in the same space. FEELING gathered is feeling at peace in your current physical and emotional space. The holidays are a time where, normally,  we both gather and feel gathered. This is a time when we are with the ones we hold dear to our hearts who also make us feel warm and cozy when they give us the best hugs.  If there is one thing we can ALL agree on -- 2020 has been far from what many of us consider normal.
How are we supposed to feel that joy of the holidays...
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#003 - How to Find More “Me” Time

mental wellness Dec 13, 2020

When you’re busy, with a mile-long to-do list, and you’re giving to everyone but yourself -- your job, your kids, your home -- it’s hard to make time for yourself. So, how do you find more time in the day to schedule what really matters to you? That’s what I’m answering on today’s Lovecast episode.
Chunking - Breaking off blocks of time into 15-minute increments and finding opportunities to prioritize yourself and prioritize what is most important to you. This is simply being intentional with your time.
  • Use a weekly calendar that actually has a time attached to it in 15-minute increments. I want you to start thinking of your life in 15-minutes chunks of time. Everything you do is going to take a minimum of 15-minutes. If you have an activity that actually takes only three or four minutes, bonus, you've just won yourself a little bit of break time. However, think of your life set into 15-minute chunks of time.
  • Depending on what you...
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#002 - The Single Best Thing to Inject a Little Calm Into a Crazy Day

Everyone experiences overwhelm in their lives at various times, but not everyone moves through the chaos effectively! 

For some, living with chaos feels completely normal, to the point that having calm is a foreign idea. However, when you get completely overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed, you need to have a go-to strategy that will inject your life with instant calm.

In this episode of Dr. Jen and Friend’s Lovecast, we dive into the one thing you can do that will instantly help you hit the pause button and take a big, deep breath of fresh air.  

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What it feels like to live with chaos and overwhelm
  • The one thing you can do to help hit the reset button on your busy, chaotic life

Hitting the Reset Button

We operate with 56 tabs open at all times. Our busy lives have us thinking about a million things simultaneously, and somehow we believe we are effectively doing that. The truth is, multitasking is not technically a thing. Our...

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#001 - Global Grief: Loving What Was, Embracing What Is

mental wellness Nov 30, 2020


Hey there, I’m Dr. Jennifer Ryan, and welcome to the first episode of Dr. Jen and Friends Lovecast. 

I am so excited to jump into this podcast! Talking about human behavior is my favorite topic, and it’s a conversation I could ramble on and on about! And sometimes I do!

I also have my excellent friend Tammy with me -- she’s agreed to be my sidekick with the Lovecast, and I couldn’t be more excited! One of the things we thrive on is talking about why people do what they do -- why our kids do what they do, why people around us do what they do, and how those around us help us grow. 

About This Podcast

As you may already know if you follow me on social media, I’ve been an adult and couples counselor for over 18 years. I’ve spent my entire adult life understanding human behavior, and I’ve been helping individuals learn why they do the things they do, how to do them better, and feel supported along the way. 

Over the past...

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