#012 - Should My Spouse Be One of My Core Friends?

Who do you feel safe with?
Who helps you feel like you matter?
Is this your partner? If not, let's talk...
Your inner core consists of the people who you chose to be in your life who know the real you, who you confide in, and who you share a connection with.
More than 60% of lonely people are married. Surprising isn’t it?!
When married couples no longer share their deepest feelings, thoughts, and desires one or both people feel disconnected and lonely, even in the same room with the person they are married to.
Feeling this way causes the flame to fizzle out. Your relationship starts to feel meaningless. When relationships get to this point, it can feel like emotional disconnection
When you think about your inner core, do you include your spouse in that group of people?
Here is why you should:
  • When you feel safe and secure with his or her significant other, it's like wearing a comfortable pair of PJs.
  • Everyone wants to feel heard, seen and felt. It's in the contract. Your partner signed up for this, as did you.
  • When you feel safe, you feel like you belong
(HINT: This is how your inner core should make you feel! We talked all about “The Hub” last week! -- Check that episode out. )
Your spouse is your person. When done right, your partner helps you feel vulnerable, safe, loved, and understood. These feelings are priceless.

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