#014 - Food + Mood: What's the Connection?

Hey friend! 👋
Let’s all say “Hellllooooo March!” 
I am SO excited for a new month with a new topic and all the new possibilities! 🎉
This month we’re talking FOOD! (I am definitely a foodie!) -- but, on a more serious note, do you know how food affects your body as a whole? I am talking mentally, emotionally, AND physically!
Food is powerful and the more we understand how food affects our body, the more we can use it to live happier AND healthier!
I want to be VERY, VERY clear -- we are NOT talking about dieting. 👏👏👏 So no worries -- no diet plan, nooo scale, and no feeling like YOU are your size. My friend, you are way more than a number! ❤️
So, I just said that food is powerful --  DID YOU KNOW...According to the World Health Organization, a poor diet is a major factor contributing to depression, which is the top driver of disability in American?
Enriching your body with nourishing foods is a HUGE step in creating that healthier, happier, more fulfilling life we’re all craving. This month I am covering how food truly affects your mood, intuitive eating, gut health, AND so much more (oh yes, there is SO much to cover here!).
Want to get a head start on enriching your body?!
Check out these resources! (I LOVE these!)
Resources & Things I talk about  📝: