What if you went from…. 

burnout to balanced?
whoa to wow?
hesitant to happy?

You can, when you have a consistent practice of reminding yourself how truly amazing you are. 


Here are 200 Grab-n-Write Affirmations! 


These writing / speaking / singing / shouting prompts will shift you
from disoriented and mundane to driven and motivated.  

(And just like that, your True Self will begin to emerge!)


Download 200 Grab-n-Write Affirmations for $29.00!

"A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset."

Speak it.

Find 2-3 affirmations that speak to your specific need within the Pie of Life (included in your guide). Your declarations should talk about what you're changing and growing in your mind! 

Write it.

In your Vision Journal, on a sticky note, on a napkin, or tattooed on your hand. Post your affirmations so you eyeball them and let them sink into your subconscious.

Believe it.

Your brain beliefs what you tell it to believe. You're in charge. What you see and recite regularly becomes part of who you are.  

Download 200 Grab-n-Write Affirmations

200 Affirmations to Help Create Your Best Future Self

af·firm·a·tion /ˌafərˈmāSH(ə)n/

1. The process of affirming a known truth.
2. Emotional support or encouragement.

Synomyms: assertion / declaration / statement / proclaimation / pronouncement

Use liberally to help change the environment of your mind.

With seven (7) major life areas to consider - Career, Financial, Family, Personal, Spiritual, Physical, and Social - this guide has 25+ affirmations for each category.

**Use this guide with your Vision Journal Starter Pages as you create your Best Future Self (BFS).



Get Inspired.

Download the 200 Grab-n-Write Affirmations

25+ Affirmations from the Pie of Life

Some example affirmations are...

...and many more!

Every assertion you write and speak affirms you're remarkable humanness.

Incorporate positive words and phrases into your daily life.

Add them to your routine. See the difference loving yourself a little more each day will do for you.

To instantly make you feel:

💛 Like you can conquer the world (or at least your biggest goals!)

💛 Like you are the bomb (because you are!)

💛 Like, for the first time in forever, you truly, 100%, believe in yourself. 

Buy 200 Grab-n-Write Affirmations

 200 Grab-And-Write Affirmations...

that is 200 days and 4,800 hours of you reminding yourself that...


You are unique. 

You can do all the things.

You deserve to feel healthy and happy.

Buy 200 Grab-n-Write Affirmations for $29!