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Create your BFS (best future self) with an easy-peasy 5 Minute Vision Journal!

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Where you headed?

Like, big picture. Life goals. Where you goin'?

Do you...

  • Like the idea of journaling but you're not sure what to write?
  • Wonder what the heck a "vision journal" is? (Or wonder, "Isn't it just writing about your day, goals, and all that gooey stuff?")
  • Have good intentions, but usually don't stick to writing? (Then, beat yourself up when you're having a bad day, blaming yourself for not writing?)
  • Want to keep your big goals at the top of your mind?
  • Wonder how to create your "Best Future Self" through writing?
  • Have 5 extra minutes each day to spare? (Okay, questionable. I know you're super busy. But trust me, this is doable.)

**Psst.** Wonder what a "Best Future Self" is?


Well, it's just as it sounds. It's the person you see when you daydream. It's that person people look up to, has home-life balance, and can do "all the things." That person who makes the big bucks. You're dreaming of those things, right?!

If you dream it up, you can put it in your vision journal!

I got you.

Here's What You Get :

Learn the difference between a Process Journal and a Vision Journal (and wonder why you weren't keeping one of these sooner!). 

Learn why visualizing is essential to happiness, and discover the two types of visualization. Plus, see the two types of affirmations and why you absolutely need both.

Three musts for your journal, plus see examples of actual journal entries. Plus, uncover the power of thankfulness.

Manifest Your BFS in 5-Minutes Per Day.

Focus and clarity, comin' achoo!

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