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Get 3-Day Reset

Here's What You Get with the 3-Day Reset:

Tool #1

Get the Vision Journal Starter Pages to help create your life vision and summary. Then, start a Vision Journal. 

Tool #2

Get the 8 Key Components of Mental Health for health, happiness, and overall well-being. This is what the pros do!

Tool #3

Get How Loved Ones Help Us Through Hard Times to start building your accountability and support.

Tool #1: Visualize your BFS  

Create your Best Future Self (BFS) using the Vision Starter Pages and Pie of Life handouts:

  1. Write your End-of-Life Story. What do you want to be known for? What are your biggest, wildest dreams for your life?
  2. Focus on core relationships. What will your closest friends say about you at your memorial? What impact did you leave on the world? What impact did you leave on those around you? How will you be remembered?
  3. Write your Pie of Life Goals. What are your future and now goals for each significant part of life? 
  4. Write your Life Summary. What have you accomplished? What are your goals to take action on now? How do you feel? Who are you?
  5. Focus on Action. What are your NOW goals? What are your next action steps? What are your affirmations? What are you grateful for?

Remember to use my 15ish minute video as guidance through this step!

Tool #2: Learn the Self Love Tools

Learn the Foundation of  Health, Happiness, and Wellness using the 8 Essentials Tools for Good Mental Health handout:

  1. Learn the eight foundations of Self Love. Do you know that person who always seems to have it all together? They work at that! Learn the core tools needed for health and happiness. 
  2. Write current habits that aren't serving you well. What are you doing now that isn't helping you? What patterns do you want to break?
  3. List new goals. What is one small thing you can do to change this habit? 

Remember to use my 15ish minute video as guidance through this step!

Tool #3: Inventory  Supporters

Learn how those closest to us help hold us accountable and support using the How Loved Ones Help Us Through Hard Times and Inner Core Inventory handouts:

  1. Assess the "environment of your mind." Is your environment set up to encourage healthy habits? 
  2. Take inventory of those around you. Who do you have around to help hold you accountable? Who is in your inner circle? Who can you be vulnerable with?
  3. Assess your giving and taking. Are you a giver? Are you a taker? Do you feel seen by those around you?

Remember to use my 17ish minute video as guidance through this step!

Get the 3-Day Reset

Three simple guides, plus my video guidance, to help you refocus, recharge, renew. Get your life back into focus.

Get 3-Day Reset

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