People who are happy have more fulfilling, thriving lives.
I teach people to be happy.


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Research shows that happy people are goal-oriented and do the same things over and over. Learn and do those things...

Write About Your "Best Future Self" (BFS) with this Cheatsheet

Use this quickstart template as your ultimate life vision journal starter kit.

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Download the 8 Key Components of Happiness

Learn the eight goal-oriented steps that increase overall mental wellness.

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Through her thriving mental health counseling practice
(I Choose Change), growing Facebook community, podcast, and digital Self Love Tools, Jennifer
stimulates a robust, palpable, self-affirming feeling of, “Wow! I got this” for her private clients, counseling team, and followers. 

She shows that by shifting from “I have no time” into “small rituals are huge,” even the busiest individual can sidestep overwhelm and frustration, and provoke a feeling of accomplishment as they move into building a personal and professional life they love. 

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